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Golf University, on the greatest walk ever spoiled, to be released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2019.

Over 25 million people enjoy golf each year, and nearly every player has taken a lesson, bought a book, or watched a movie hoping to improve his or her game. Yet, almost none of us have a true understanding of the sport we love. That’s because our education typically focuses on seeking advice, rather than learning about the mental, physical, and environmental factors affecting our play.

Golf University: Become a Smarter Player in Four Short Semesters believes that school serves a purpose, and it’s not just to absorb meaningless facts. It’s to immerse ourselves in a topic that we love. For golf, that includes understanding how playing partners influence our score, why we miss “gimme” putts, and how weather affects ball flight paths. But this knowledge isn’t just academic. It impacts how we play because swinging a club without understanding the game is like a doctor entering surgery without having studied anatomy—some things can’t be understood only through trial and error.

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